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California State Exam Prep

Our Exam Prep Solution Helps You Pass The State Exam On Your First Attempt


Ace your California Real Estate Exam with License Solution’s brand new, updated for 2024 Exam Prep Solution!

Video Crash Course

Our video crash course consists of a series of education videos to further prepare you for the state exam.  You will receive helpful tips and detailed information about what to expect on the state exam. 

The videos will be accompanied with short quizzes to be sure you are well prepared to pass the state exam on your first attempt.

State Exam Video Crash Course

Video Exam Prep Review Questions

We have over 100+ exam prep videos that will cover important, “need-to-know” questions that may be encountered on the state exam.

Video Exam Prep Review Question

Simulated State Exam (Interactive)

The Simulated Exam Mode gives you the experience of taking the actual state exam. You will be given an unlimited number of exams containing 150 questions each and timed (3 hours and 15 minutes), just like the state exam.

After completing all 150 questions, you will receive your grade. The questions you missed, will appear with their correct answers and an explanation as to why those answers are correct.

We do not sugar-coat these exams. These simulated tests are as close as we can legally come to the content on the actual State Exam. Your scores will reflect your readiness to actually pass the State exam on your first attempt. If you are scoring consistently over 70%, you are ready. If not, continue to utilize the prep and the other study tools we provide.

Question From California Exam Prep

Random State Exam Questions (Interactive)

The Random Question Mode serves you simulated State Exam questions, one question at a time. After answering each question, you will immediately receive the result with an explanation as to why your answer is correct (or incorrect). You can review your answers at any time to hone-in on the areas you may need improvement.

License Solution’s real estate Exam Prep Solution provides you with brand new, updated for 2024 questions and answers (including math concepts) to prepare you for the State Exam.

Exam Prep Answer

Audio Exam Prep

In addition to our State Exam Prep, our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages also include Audio Exam Prep to help you study while you are on the go. Listen to the practice questions and answers explained in detail while you drive, walk, work in the garden, or even while you cook dinner. We provide you with over 10 hours of questions and answer choices with explanations delivered right to your computer or smart phone.

Audio Exam Prep
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