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Real Estate Relationships

Forming Relationships with Strategic Partners

Forming Relationships with Strategic Partners Seasoned real estate agents will tell you that once you finish your pre-licensing coursework, take and pass the California state exam to get your real estate license, and start working for a broker, forming strategic partnerships will help you greatly to become successful in your career. What is a strategic partner? It is another business entity with which you form an agreement to share resources with the mission of growth and mutual success. Typically, the two businesses have shared values and they pool their resources to reach new audiences, strengthening both of their brands. In…
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What is it Like to be a Real Estate Agent?

What is it Like to be a Real Estate Agent? Have you every wondered what it might be like to be a real estate agent? What do they do every day? Is there a typical day, or is each day unique? And the most important question, of course, is will you like it. This article will talk about how a real estate agent spends his or her time. You will find that some activities are income producing and others are administrative to support those income-producing activities. Administrative Work Most jobs have some mundane tasks that must be performed, and real…
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Staging A Home

Should a Seller Provide a Home Warranty to a Buyer?

Should a Seller Provide a Home Warranty to a Buyer? It always seems to happen. Just as the manufacturer’s warranty on an appliance expires, the darned thing breaks down. That is why some people opt for purchasing extended warranties. But even those expire eventually. So, how does a home seller give assurances to a home buyer that the fridge, the oven, the air conditioning system, etc. won’t quit on them? The short answer is, he can’t. And that really doesn’t matter so much if it is a sellers’ market – where demand for homes exceeds the number of homes being…
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Real Estate Career

Getting the Listing in the time of Covid-19

Getting the Listing in the time of Covid-19 The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way many of us work. I, for one, have not been in an office since March 2020. Restaurants are starting to serve outdoors after trying to survive purely on take-out business for months, and salons are slowly opening with strict protocols in place so we can all stop looking like something the cat dragged in. With that as the backdrop, it comes as no surprise that the pandemic has also affected the way real estate agents have to do their jobs. Whether you are a…
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