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Housing Crisis

The Great Depression vs. Credit Crisis Comparisons

Over the past 100 years, the two main economic eras usually discussed as the most negative or turbulent times were The Great Depression (1929 - 1939) and the Credit Crisis (2007 onward). While some economists and financial analysts believe that the Credit Crisis officially ended in 2012 or 2013, others…
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California FHA

How FHA Boosts Housing

FHA continues to be the largest insurer of residential loans in the entire world. The emergence of the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) agency out of the depths of The Great Depression (1929 - 1939) in 1934 continues to play a major role in the funding and acquisition of properties even…
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3D Home Building

The Evolution of 3D Printed Homes

Your real estate license can be a future career asset as technology improves home building.  While the evolution of 3D printed homes gains momentum, housing prices may decrease and become more affordable for many people throughout California.  This could lead to a substantial advantage for real estate agents. Technological advances…
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California Home Prices

21st Century Home Price Changes

For the first time in California’s entire history, the median home price surpassed $600,000 in May 2018, according to data published by the California Association of Realtors. The $600,000 median home price for California was more than double the reported national median home price of $264,800.
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California Housing Prices

20th Century Home Price Changes

Many home buyers, investors, and real estate agents have seen significant home price changes over the past several years and decades. To better understand the property values today in 2018, the historical price changes must be reviewed in depth to compare how much the property values have increased between the…
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california coast

California’s Economic and Demographic Numbers

Real estate is more of a people business than a property sale business. Without enough people in a specific region in need of homes to purchase or lease, there wouldn’t be a need for real estate agents and brokers. Additionally, licensed agents need to first build a solid and positive…
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Real Estate Los Angeles

Affordable Mortgage Loans – Good and Bad Debt – Friend or Foe?

The old saying “money makes the world go ‘round” may be true in many ways. Yet, there are good and bad versions of money that can positively or negatively impact us all. On the good side of money, the bulk of an American’s families overall net wealth is likeliest to…
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San Diego

Interest Rate and Value Trends

Residential and commercial real estate price trends are directly affected by many variables such as local, state, and national unemployment rates, inflation trends that are moving “too high” or “just right” instead of the most concerning “too low” directions by way of deflationary price trends when asset values are moving…
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real estate agent

What Are The Real Estate Agent Commissions In California?

Real Estate Agent Commissions California is home to some of the most expensive real estate properties in the world. Because real estate agents and brokers usually earn the bulk of their income from the commissions earned off of the final sales price that was confirmed at the close of escrow,…
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Real Estate Career

Realtor Incomes in California and the U.S.

In recent years, more Americans are working two, three, or more jobs on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis in order to cover their monthly expenses. This is especially true in the pricier states such as California, Washington, New York, and Massachusetts. As a result, more people are considering obtaining…
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real estate agent

Not All Real Estate License Schools Are Equal

You may be shopping around online looking to acquire a California Real Estate License.  Searching the Internet can be overwhelming as you will find plenty of websites offering to help you obtain your license using their programs.  So, how do you choose the proper real estate school for you? Review…
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real estate graduate

Best California Real Estate School Online

License Solution is the best California real estate school online which offers the highest quality courses available to their students.  While there are many online real estate schools in California, License Solution is unique in the fact that they author their own books.  Content can be easily updated to bring…
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