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Helping Your Clients Relocate

Helping Your Clients Relocate Many experienced real estate agents eventually develop a specialty or a corner of some kind, whether it is selling homes only in a particular neighborhood, working with only certain types of property (such as multi-unit buildings), or perhaps representing only specific groups of clients. One such group of clients might consist of those who are relocating from another city or state. Often people need to relocate because of a job or to live closer to family. Or sometimes when people retire, they wish to move to a new location, perhaps in a warmer climate or a…
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For Sale By Owner

Get that FSBO Listing!

Get that FSBO Listing! If you have your California real estate license or are well on your way to obtaining it, it is likely that you already know that “FSBO” (pronounced “Fizbo”) stands for “For Sale by Owner.” FSBO refers to when homeowners are attempting to sell their home themselves, without the aid of a real estate listing agent or broker, so they can avoid having to pay the commission that is normally paid by the seller to the listing broker’s office. The typical commission on a home sale is five or six percent: half going to the listing agent/broker…
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California Escrow Closings 101

California Escrow Closings 101 There is no doubt your main concern after receiving your California real estate license and becoming a new real estate agent will be getting clients and securing listings. But you must also be well-prepared for the end of the journey with each client, otherwise known as close of escrow, or more simply, the closing. It helps to have a good grasp of the process before you get there so that both you and your clients know what to expect. It is your job to prep them, so better get prepped yourself! The fewer the surprises, the…
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Real Estate Relationships

Forming Relationships with Strategic Partners

Forming Relationships with Strategic Partners Seasoned real estate agents will tell you that once you finish your pre-licensing coursework, take and pass the California state exam to get your real estate license, and start working for a broker, forming strategic partnerships will help you greatly to become successful in your career. What is a strategic partner? It is another business entity with which you form an agreement to share resources with the mission of growth and mutual success. Typically, the two businesses have shared values and they pool their resources to reach new audiences, strengthening both of their brands. In…
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