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Getting a California real estate license is easier than you may think. Our online real estate packages utilize a cutting-edge approach to real estate licensing that includes everything you will need to become a successfully licensed real estate agent in the state of California.

We have the highest quality licensing program available, featuring online final exams which are complimented by caring and friendly student support. View Our Real Estate Courses

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Real Estate Courses and Exam prep available on all platforms
Mobile Compatible Real Estate Courses

Pass the California state exam ... GUARANTEED!

License Solution is so confident that you will pass the California state exam on your first attempt that we offer a pass guarantee. Our robust California Exam-Prep Course will help prepare you to sit for the state exam by utilizing two methods of study. A random mode allows question and answers with detailed explanations that will help refresh your real estate knowledge. A simulated mode closely resembles the actual state exam which will build your confidence.

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Getting your California real estate license online has never been easier. We provide you with the highest quality, updated for 2017 California online real estate courses. Our courses are California Bureau of Real Estate approved (Sponsor ID: S0572).

Real Estate Courses and Exam prep available on all platforms
Mobile Compatible Real Estate Courses

Our California real estate school allows you to study for your license online at any time!

There is no need to attend classes or take exams at a physical location other than right in your own home or office. The only requirement of our online school is that you have access to the Internet. Each of our California real estate license online courses are available in PDF form which can be viewed online, downloaded for offline use or printed should you want a hard copy. There are no restrictions in the method in which you wish to study.In fact, our Ultimate real estate package includes text books for those students who feel more comfortable studying their real estate courses the traditional way.

Starting Your Real Estate Career

Beginning your journey into a real estate career can be an exciting experience. Realtors are independent entrepreneurs who have an incredible opportunity to achieve success. Not only are they their own boss, they also choose their own hours and determine how successful they want to become.Your dream of buying and selling real estate is as close as investing in one of our educational packages. License Solution, Inc. helps you learn the material quickly and pass the exams.

Real Estate Courses and Exam prep available on all platforms
Mobile Compatible Real Estate Courses

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Rewarding careers are in real estate

Real estate allows a unique earning opportunity in which you control your daily success.

Agent careers in demand

real estate careers in demand

Home price values remain high which is helping real estate agents earn more income and further their success at this very moment!

We work with many top Brokers who are looking to add new agents to their team. Get your CA real estate license and start a new career.

Work from home


Real estate agents enjoy the ability to be successful while working from home and choosing their own hours.

What other career offers opportunity and freedom to succeed within your own environment?

A rewarding profession

rewarding profession

The real estate profession is always evolving. Opportunities can present themselves at any time prospecting becomes natural whether you are attending a family event or a business function.

How exciting is it to know that tomorrow may present another opportunity for success!

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3 Simple Steps: Our Fast & Easy Real Estate Course System

Take and pass each of the required courses approved the California Bureau of Real Estate. Our approved courses include Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Finance.
Use our robust Exam-Prep Course to practice your test taking skills and become confident enough to take and pass the state exam.
Apply for the California state exam. When you receive approval, you will take the state exam and upon passing, become a licensed real estate agent.