Which Course Packages Are Recommended to Get a Real Estate License in California?

So, you’ve decided to become a California real estate agent.

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a journey toward entering a profession filled with new and exciting opportunities.

Whether it’s the flexible hours, the ability to help others realize their dreams of home-ownership, or the seemingly endless income potential, you’re ready to get serious about obtaining a real estate license from the California Department of Real Estate (DRE), and you’ve decided to partner with License Solution Real Estate School.

Now comes the hard part. You must choose which of our DRE-approved licensing packages is right for you.

In this post, we will take a deep dive into the License Solution’s course packages so you can decide which is appropriate for your journey.

Real Estate Course Packages In CA

The Bronze Package: Ideal for those with previous real estate experience

Our “bronze” California real estate course package, also known as our “pre-licensing package,” is ideal for students who only need to complete the required real estate courses but do not need exam preparation work. This package typically appeals to candidates with previous real estate experience or who are well-versed in test-taking.

Here is what you get:

Pre-License Courses

  • The package includes instant online access to the interactive 135-hour DRE-approved courses needed to fulfill your California real estate license requirements, including topics like real estate principles, real estate practice, and real estate finance.
  • The ability to complete all three required courses as quickly as 18 days per course. Although, you have up to a full year to complete your courses.
  • Access to live support through student advisers available during regular business hours (7 am-7 pm) to offer live, hands-on student support.
  • Access to on-call course instructors daily, just like you would in a classroom setting, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. It is as close to “raising your hand” in the classroom as you can get without being in an actual classroom setting.
  • Interactive chapter quizzes to keep your head in the game as you progress through your coursework.
  • Includes a copy of our real estate dictionary eBook (a $59 Value). Learn relevant real estate terms and definitions to help you become more familiar with the language of California real estate.
  • Multiple-choice, open-book final exams consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions to be completed at the end of each course. Students only need a score of 60% on the final examination to pass.
  • Upon receiving a passing grade, your certificate of completion is immediately printable/downloadable. So, no waiting to receive it in the mail!

The bronze package does not include any of our California real estate exam prep tools.

To ensure you pass the exam on your first try and be eligible for License Solution’s “pass guarantee,” we recommend our silver or gold packages, which include our exclusive California state exam prep features.

The Silver Package: Perfect for anyone who needs California real estate exam prep

Our “silver” course package includes all of the same benefits as the bronze package but also has an audio version of all coursework, plus exam preparation to enhance your educational experience and prepare you for the California real estate licensing exam.

With the License Solution silver package, you are in complete control. You can choose how you would like to study using any or all of the following options:

  • interactive courses
  • eBooks
  • entire course on audio

It also includes the following real estate exam preparation tools:

  • online exam prep flashcards
  • interactive exam prep opportunities

The silver package is best suited for beginners with little to no experience in California real estate and, therefore, can benefit from the added exam preparation tools. Best of all, students who enroll in the License Solutions California real estate school with the silver package have access to the program’s “pay until you pass guarantee.”

By utilizing the License Solutions state exam prep tools through its silver package, you are guaranteed to pass your licensing exam on your first attempt. If you don’t, License Solution will pay the state’s $60 testing fee for each additional attempt until you pass.

Licensing Solution’s Gold Package: The Gold Standard in Real Estate Education

For anyone who needs an even greater boost ahead of their California real estate licensing exam or wants to immerse themselves in all the learning opportunities available, our “gold” licensing package is the best choice. It includes the school’s wildly popular and useful video crash course. The video crash course offers an extra boost to help you pass the state exam on your first try.

In addition to your online courses, this package also includes the streaming audio version of the complete course as narrated by Lori Mandell. You can now listen to the course material while driving, walking, or simply relaxing at home. Audio books may be streamed or downloaded to any device (or multiple devices). If streamed, the License Solutions platform remembers where you left off within the audio course.

The gold package includes over 100 engaging video enhancements throughout the courses to help you retain important information while you gain a solid foundation as you study.

In addition to video-enhanced courses, other exclusive features included in our gold package include:

  • Audio exam prep: With our audio exam prep feature, students can access over 10 hours of audio exam prep material. Hear each question, the set of possible choices, and the correct answer with a description of why each answer is correct. This allows you to listen to questions and answers explained in detail while you drive, exercise, or anywhere you choose.
  • Video exam prep review: You’ll have access to 100+ California real estate licensing exam prep videos, reviewing important questions for the exam in a question-and-answer format with detailed descriptions.
  • Video exam crash course: The gold package’s exclusive video crash course gives you additional training for the state exam. The crash course covers detailed topics from the DRE guidelines, explained in video format to help you further prepare for the state exam. You will also encounter quizzes along the way to test the knowledge you obtained as you progress through the crash course, just like in our other popular online courses.
  • Additional practice exams: These practice exams include a random mode and a simulated mode to prepare you for the state exam.

Another bonus of the Licensing Solutions California real estate school online gold package is our agent essential development videos, designed to help you:

  • Jumpstart your career after you get licensed.
  • Learn the essentials to generating business and working with clients.
  • Know what it takes to sell successfully.

Three Steps To Start A Real Estate Career

Start a Career in California Real Estate in Three Easy Steps

When you partner with License Solutions Real Estate School, California’s premiere DRE-accredited online real estate course provider, you can earn a lucrative salary as a real estate professional in three easy steps.

Step 1: Complete the Required Courses

Before applying for your real estate license in California, you must complete the DRE’s educational requirements, which include 135 hours of coursework from an accredited real estate school.

At License Solutions, we make it easy. Choose the right course package for you and complete the three required courses. After each course, you will take an open-book, multiple-choice, online exam. You only need a score of 60% to pass, and you will be issued a certificate immediately upon passing.

With our courses, you can finish real estate school in as little as 54 days, but you can take as long as a year if you wish.

Step 2: Pass The Real Estate Exam

Once you’ve completed your real estate courses, you can apply for the California real estate licensing exam and your real estate license at the same time by submitting Form RE 435 to the California DRE via mail or by applying through the online eLicensing portal.

Prepare to take the California real estate licensing exam by utilizing our state-of-the-art exam prep system, including updated practice questions with the look and feel of actual state exam questions. We also provide many effective study tools, like interactive chapter quizzes and online flash cards. We guarantee you will pass on your first attempt!

Because it can take four to six weeks for the DRE to process an application, you should apply for both your exam and your license immediately after you’ve completed your pre-requisite courses.

Step 3: Begin Your New Career as a California Real Estate Agent

You will be an officially licensed real estate agent once you pass the California real estate licensing exam. If you studied under License Solution’s gold package, you will already have learned the essentials to jump-start a successful career.

Remember that, in California, real estate agents must work under a broker. A broker is a licensed real estate professional overseeing agents and their transactions. Before you make that move, speak with several brokers to find the one that is the best fit for you. Be clear on what you expect from the broker regarding hours, training, marketing, and support.

California Real Estate Licensing Course Package FAQs

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we received regarding our online real estate schools, the course packages we offer, and the California real estate industry as a whole:

Which real estate course package is right for me?

The best package for you will depend on your experience level and study preferences.

  • The bronze package is ideal for individuals with some real estate experience or strong test-taking skills. It focuses exclusively on completing the required courses with no licensing exam preparation.
  • The silver package is designed for those seeking comprehensive pre-licensing training and exam preparation. It includes interactive courses, eBooks, audio courses, and online/interactive exam prep tools.
  • The gold package offers maximum training and prep, delivering all the great features of our silver package, plus a video crash course, audio exam prep, video exam prep review, and agent essential development videos.

What are the California real estate licensing requirements?

Before applying for your real estate license in California, you must complete the DRE’s mandatory educational requirements, which consist of 135 hours of coursework and a passing final exam grade of 60%. Once you complete these courses, you will receive certificates of completion that are valid for two years.

In addition to the educational requirements, applicants must also meet general requirements, including:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to qualify for a real estate license in California.
  • Although you do not have to be a California resident to apply for a license, different requirements apply to out-of-state applicants.
  • You must also give fingerprints for a background check.

Remember to be truthful when submitting your application. Conviction of a crime can result in a denial of your license, and failure to disclose all or part of your conviction(s) can be grounds for rejection or disciplinary action.

How long does it take to get a real estate license in California?

Completing our online courses can take as little as 18 days per course, although you have a full year to finish. Remember, however, that the DRE can take 4-6 weeks to process your application, and passing the exam and finding a broker can add additional time.

What kind of support does License Solution offer students?

We provide comprehensive support throughout your journey. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll have access to:

  • Live student advisors: Available during business hours to answer questions and assist you.
  • On-call course instructors: Daily instructor support, replicating the classroom experience without leaving home.
  • Comprehensive study materials: Interactive courses, eBooks, audio versions, practice exams, and more.
  • Video tutorials and crash courses: Additional support materials for in-depth learning and exam preparation.

License Solution is Your Key to California Real Estate Success

Getting a California real estate license is easier than you may think when you partner with License Solution.

Our online real estate packages utilize a cutting-edge approach to licensing that includes everything you will need to become a successfully licensed California real estate agent.

Contact us today to get started.

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