Not All Real Estate License Schools Are Equal

You may be shopping around online looking to acquire a California Real Estate License.  Searching the Internet can be overwhelming as you will find plenty of websites offering to help you obtain your license using their programs.  So, how do you choose the proper real estate school for you?

Review The California Real Estate License Curriculum

The first step you would obviously take is to visit the school’s website and learn more about the curriculum.  Upon visiting the website does it seem credible, easy to navigate and easy to understand?  If so, then you can be more confident that the courses you take will be as well.  If the website appears out-dated or confusing, you may want to move on to the next school.

CA real estate license graduatesOnce you get a good feel for the school’s website, it’s time to dig deeper.  What does the real estate course curriculum include and will it contain what you need to learn the material in an efficient manner?  The key here is not to focus on the abundance of material.  Sure you want to have various tools at your disposal.  But, at the same time, too many tools could confuse you or overwhelm you unnecessarily.  Remember, the point of enrolling in a school is to get your California real estate license quickly!  Period.  You do not need to have a perfect score on the course exams.  You only need to pass them.

Learning Tools

So, you will want just enough study tools at your disposal to help you study effectively.  Unnecessary study tools will only raise the price of the course and increase your out-of-pocket expense.  Look for real estate schools that include online exams, text-books and an exam-prep at minimum.  A real estate dictionary is also recommended as it can aid your learning curve by understanding certain terms that you do not quite understand while you read the course material.

Customer Service After You Enroll

In addition, get a feel for their customer service.  Are they open during normal business hours?  Do they respond promptly to email or technical requests?  You will appreciate schools who answer the phone and provide excellent customer service for their real estate students.

Finally, if you find a real estate school in which you are comfortable with in regard to the information above and are still unsure about enrolling, give them a call.


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